Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mountain Biking: Mrezga Loop

Distance: 16km
Altitude difference: 410m
Terrain: wide forest track with deep trenches, big rocks and sandy sections
Technicality: **** (out of *****)
GPS data

The route seen from Mrezga

Time to hit some technical trails! This loop (almost) has it all; steep technical climbs, hairy fast descents with deep trenches and big rocks and flatter sections for speed.

Park you car at the bottom of the hill at Mrezga, just east of Hammamet (best is to use the GPS data as a reference). The route we took was great, but it may as well have been one of the other many tracks that snake through this small hilly area. Our route is essentially a loop around this broad valley. Staying on your bike is the biggest challenge when going up. If you choose the right line, it's all rideable. The descents, especially the final descent, are fast with loose rock and gaps. Take care! It's a lovely ride and easily accessible. 

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