Thursday, 13 November 2014

Around Jebel As-Stah

time: 3-4hrs
distance: 9km
altitude difference: 370m
difficulty: easy

View of the first part of the route

This gem of a walk takes you around the jagged mountain ridge of Jebel As-Stah, in the north western corner of the Zaghouan Massif. The trail is a mix of quite roads and dirt tracks. Take in stunning views of the northern plains, explore a small gorge and enjoy the sight of Jebel Zaghouan looming over the fertile valley of Sidi Medien.

From Temple des Eaux drive up the mountain road in westerly direction. After approximately 5km, at the switch back, park your car at the obvious car park (a dirt tracks continues towards the west).

The Sidi Medien Valley with Jebel Zaghouan on the left

The route follows the dirt track, that runs parallel to the ridge of Jebel As-Stah. Keep following this track for about 45 minutes until it meets the tarmac country road. Turn left and follow the country road in the direction of Sidi Medien. After roughly 20 minutes a vague track (it looks more like a river bed) starts on the left side of the road. You could follow this or stay on the road (they meet after 1km again). Before the road starts climbing, passing a hill the right side, turn left into the small gorge. Follow the dry river bed. It’s a little bit overgrown in places, but it’s still easy to walk it. When the landscape opens with Jebel Zaghouan dominating the view (at the concrete slab), the river bed meets a path. 100m further it evolves into the dirt track that climbs up again towards the upper tarmac mountain road. Turn left at the road and a half an hour descent takes you back to your car.

Half way the route, a small and lovely gorge

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