Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hiking Zaghouan: the "climbers" canyon

"Climbers" Canyon

Distance: 2.5km one-way
Hiking up: 400m
Hiking down: 50m
Level: easy
Time: 1-1.5hrs
GPS track

Birds eye view image of the route in southerly direction

The "climbers" canyon hike is a wonderful hike through a forest, with big red limestone walls on both sides of the canyon. Rock climbers test their climbing skills here, hence the name "Climbers Canyon".

The walk starts at the big car park, marked on the map above. The path is marked all the way to the top with big white arrows painted on the rocks. The trail stays a little bit on the right side of the canyon as you go up. After 20 minutes you traverse to the left (passing a beautiful dome-shaped wall). After the traverse the climb steepens, but still very easy to walk on. There is a blocked off area with stones, just ignore this. As you get higher the landscape unfolds with stunning views towards the north. You will traverse to the right again, scaling a rocky section (take care, loose stones). 5 minutes later is a pasture where shepherds let their goats graze. The views from here are even better, with Tunis visible on a clear day. The trail continues up (find the arrow!), it's only 15 minutes more to the road. With this many arrows getting lost is almost impossible. You could go back the same way or hit the Farm trail down, which will be described in the next post.

On my way up!                                        Photo: Mark Oppe

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