Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hiking Zaghouan: the Farm Track

Farm Track Hike

Distance: 2.2km
Hiking up: 310m
Hiking down: 20m
Level: easy
Time: 45min-1hr
GPS track

This short hike gives you everything the Zaghouan Mountains have to offer: impressive walls, fragrant forest and excellent views. And it can be done in combination with the Climbers Canyon walk, which makes it a perfect 2-3hr walk.

You will start at the same car park as the Climbers Canyon hike. Leaving the car park, turn right and follow the road for 100m. At the first white building, turn left and follow the obvious wide path. After about 10 minutes you will cross a wide clearance. Just keep following the track, white arrows show you the way. The path gets a bit steeper at times, but it will all be very easy to walk. About half way you will have spectacular views over the plains north of Zaghouan. Once you have passed some impressive walls you will get to the farm estate and the road. This road connects the route with the Climbers Canyon walk (going up for about 20 minutes). The trail end on the top is not that obvious, look for a white sign on a big rock.

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